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You can support me at The Bridge.

I'd love if you can support me in prayer and through giving financially so that I can go on mission in the middle of the year to the Northern Territory. Click on the orange "Give Now" button to help get me on the way!

Here's a bit more information about the Bridge:

The Bridge is a Bible-centred, missions-focussed gap year for 18 to 21 year olds. It aims to give us a real taste of global mission and the needs of the world. It's a year to reflect and explore life, to have adventure and fun – and to experience the opportunity to make a difference in our lives, and the lives of others!

The Bridge is an amazing gap year where we dig deep into Gods word, learn about the importance of mission and spreading the good news to people who don’t know Jesus. Ive joined the bridge this year to deepen my knowledge and understanding of God and his word, focus on mission, grow in my faith. Part of this gap year we are called to travel to the Northern Territory to take part in a study mission trip with Across the divide, which is an organisation we will be working with. This goal of this trip is to have an understanding of the Aboriginal community and to tell them about Jesus. I would really appreciate your support throughout this year! I’d love for you to partner with me through this year and support me prayerfully. Praying that God will be at work through the people we meet and our preparation for our trip! It would be great if you could also support me financially! Our aim is to raise $3000 by September!! Thankyou for supporting me and coming alongside :)

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