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Sydney, NSW

Hey guys it's Cait! This year I have the awesome privilege to serve God over in Cambodia alongside 37 other young Christians studying at Sydney Missionary Bible College.

Cambodia is a country where less than 2% of the population identify as Christian, as such this is a country we can see needs the good news of Jesus.

As every student needs to raise $3,000 towards expenses for the trip, we need your support! Which you can provide for us in two ways:

- First is through prayer while our team at College is in the planning stage of the trip and eventually for a safe and successful trip.
- Second is through supporting us finically so that this trip is possible. As little as $10 goes a long way; no donation is too small!
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Steph Chew $25.00 SO PROUD!
Alistair Burke $250.00
Jaz McCall $40.00
Hugh Jackman $145.00
Eliot Kern $100.00 Legend <3
Diana Williams $250.00 Proud of you Caitie
Bronte Burke $100.00
Karen Smith $100.00 Good luck Caitie! Awesome opportunity!!
Claire Leong $100.00 Have a great Trip Caitie
Vicky Dedda $50.00 Hey Caitie, go for it sweet princess, shine your beautiful light.
rosemary vago $50.00 God bless your trip Katie
Renee Krstanoski $100.00
Anonymous $20.00 Wish it was more. Too much travelling! Praying for you.
liz woolcott $20.00 i love you sm and so proud of what you’re doing 🌸 sorry i can’t give more 😢
Isobel Murdoch $100.00 so so proud!!!
Lisa Richardson $50.00 😍
Mark Wahlberg $469.00
Mathew Gillard $400.00 Hi catie all the best hope this helps
Zack Hankin $131.00 You go Girl!!!!