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Thank you to everyone who has already generously contributed to this project!…We have already reached our original goal of getting our essential equipment as well as having rent covered until the end of this year.

For those who haven’t yet had a chance to contribute yet would like to be a part of supporting City Light into this new phase, any additional funds raised through this campaign will go towards extending our rent coverage into 2022 as well as additional equipment requirements & growing and developing our leadership team over the next season.

Donations towards our ongoing work can also be made through regular giving via our website.

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support!



City Light’s Mission is to make ‘More and Stronger Disciples of Jesus”

City Light Church was first planted in 2013 in a small disused church hall on Darling St Balmain.  Over the last 8 years City Light has been a community where people have come to explore Jesus, many discovering him for the first time, And as an inner-city church, has been home to hundreds of people seeking to follow Jesus in Sydney, with many now having relocated to other parts of Australia and the world.

Over the past year we have been thinking and praying about what the next chapter of City Light might look like. Jeremy Dunne has recently been given the role of Senior Pastor, and we have begun moving in the direction of becoming a healthy, growing, multigenerational church having an impact across Sydney For some time we have been aware that there are limits associated with our church hall in fulfilling this vision. As great as it has been, there are some significant barriers to growth associated with it. Its small capacity means that we are forced to do two Sunday gatherings dividing our resources, and even then there is not much room to grow. we also have a growing kids ministry which has long outgrown the space allocated to them

In light of this we have decided to combine our gatherings into one Service at Balmain High-school, just 200 meters down the road.

What we are looking to raise.

God-willing the decision to move to the high school will enable us to grow sufficiently, so that in a  year the additional costs will be able to be absorbed into our regular operations budget. However, we are looking to raise $20,000 which will cover the start-up costs of this change as well as rent for the first year.

We will need to purchase some additional equipment in order to:

            - support Kids Ministry off site,

            - create a hospitable and welcoming environment

            - Facilitate off site music and worship

Additionally, covering the rent, whilst not feeling particularly glamorous would mean that:

  1. Our current operations budget which consists of giving as well as rental income earned on our current building would continue to support and grow our staff over this year.

  2. We would be able to not eat into current savings which we are looking to grow to one day be able to put towards a more permanent home through renovations or acquisition of property.

Your support

Whether you are a current member, a previous member or just a friend of City Light. by supporting this project, you would be helping us a church to move into this new season in the strongest possible footing.

We would love you to be praying for us as we make this move, and any contribution to this project above and beyond your current giving to CityLight or your own church would be greatly appreciated.

Please Contact if you have any further enquiries about this project.

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