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City Light’s Mission is to make ‘More and Stronger Disciples of Jesus” (Matt 28:18-20). We believe that if we are to faithfully step out this mission over the next few years we will become a “growing, healthy, multi-generational church have a Sydney wide impact”.

In order to step towards this vision, we re-located to a High School premises last year to create more space for our Sunday Gatherings and Kids & Youth ministry. This year we’re looking to press forward towards this vision by strengthening our kids and youth ministries and our outreach.

What we are looking to raise.

This year we are looking to raise $35,000 to go towards supporting the second year of a ministry traineeship and to funding a building refresh. 




Josh is married to Bek and has a passion to serve the church through music and kids and youth ministry. Josh came on staff last year as a trainee 3 days to work with the team on strengthening:
-City Kids
-City Youth
-Sunday Gatherings


We are about to sign a new lease on the building for another 25 years and we would love to see this space fit to carry on for another 25 years of fruitful ministry. A long needed upgrade to our kitchen and backroom space will allow us to create welcoming and hospitable environment for our Alpha, Connect and small group ministries.


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