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City North Church, Glenorchy


Who Are We? 

In 2021, a few of us began meeting together with the intent of planting a new F.I.E.C Church. Since March 2021, that 'few' has grown to about 35 adults, 10 teenagers, and 20 children. We are City North Church and we are excited to minister amongst the people of Glenorchy. Our name reminds us remain focussed on preaching Jesus to the suburbs north of Hobart City. 

We want to see: 
1. A hub of vibrant and active churches proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord in the Northern suburbs. 
2. Cultural renewal through a spiritual conversion: We believe that communities can change as souls are saved. This is not mere social justice: this is a complete person overhaul. As members of the north are transformed by the gospel, their lives will also be transformed in visible tangible ways also. We expect to see this within the next 20 years as kids come through kids ministry and teens into adult ministry at our church. 
3. Local people saved, transformed and trained to become leaders and members of a new church plant in the Bridgewater / GageBrook area by 2030.

Why your giving matters

Those who know Hobart know the Northern Suburbs for it's beautiful Derwent River outlook, breathtaking mountain views and, tragically, it's desperate social needs. Unemployment, homelessness and poverty all add the ever-growing crisis we face in Glenorchy. We do believe, though, that the gospel of Jesus Christ can and will give locals a rock-solid future. Therefore the gospel must be preached and people must be saved. In giving you are helping us preach the gospel in one of the poorest areas in Australia. We may, one day, become financially self sufficient, however if we don’t, your support ensures we can keep going. Your giving is really making a difference! 

Date Post
11/04/2024 Welcome to April, 2024. City North Church has just turned 3!!!!! Our congregation has experienced recent growth, and our Sunday gatherings are bustling with energy and enthusiasm. City North Youth, though small in size, is thriving, creating a space where our younger members can grow in their faith and build lasting friendships. However, as we continue to grow, the need for more gospel workers becomes increasingly apparent. We are earnestly seeking individuals called to serve in various capacities, especially to develop a much-needed creche to support families with young children. Amidst our celebrations, we are eagerly anticipating upcoming baptisms later this year, a testament to the transformative power of God's love within our community. As we reflect on the journey thus far, we are filled with hope and anticipation for what the future holds for City North Church, confident that with God's guidance, we will continue to flourish and impact lives for years to come. Praise God.
16/03/2023 Hi Supporters, just to let you know that, this week, City North Church turned 2. Two years as a live church! We are so thankful to God for you, our givers and prayers. Really quickly, in February we grieved the death of a loved one, had a community lunch for 70 people and finished a "rewired" course with a newcomer. It's been a big month. Keep praying and know that every dollar matters.
11/01/2023 Welcome to 2023. Thank You for supporting us and giving us valuable resources to reach Glenorchy for Jesus Christ.
Rejoicing in God. Growing in Love. Multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ