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There is both a real and expressed need for culturally connected churches across the Northern suburbs that are grounded in the gospel and focussed on Jesus. As the regional hub, Glenorchy is the obvious location to plant a church-planting-church for the region. We will always have an eye to the north. Our desire is to see flourishing bible-believing Jesus-loving churches up the Derwent River. 


It is our vision that we would see:

- The Northern suburbs to become a bible belt of strong, vibrant and active churches proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord. We will do our part by planting a new active and vibrant church in Bridgewater by 2028.

- Cultural renewal through a spiritual conversion: We believe that communities can change as souls are saved. This is not mere social justice: this is a complete person overhaul. As members of the north are transformed by the gospel, their lives will also be transformed in visible tangible ways also. We expect to see this within the next 20 years.

- Indigenous Glenorchians saved, transformed and trained to become leaders of new churches in the North.

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