Scholarships for Cross-cultural trainees



received of $100,000

ongoing project



As we work towards our vision, of seeing communities from all nations transformed by Jesus, we are deeply aware that it will depend largely on our ability to raise up the next generation of leaders amongst the various cultures & languages. It will be men and women who know their own language and culture that will be most effective in taking the gospel to their people. 

Many of these potential leaders will never be able to attend bible college or even do a ‘normal’ MTS traineeship due to language and economic barriers. With living cost’s in Sydney and expectation from family in their home country, to even take one day out of paid employment is a significant challenge.

In order to address some of these challenges and raise up workers for the harvest, in 2022, thanks to a generous grant, we employed a cross-cultural trainer to develop a 2 year leadership training program with the aim of equipping men and women from all cultures for gospel ministries. The program is two days a week (one day in the class room + one day practical). We will be offering a scholarship (15k per year) for the trainees to facilitate their ability to participate in the training. We currently have a cohort of trainees ready to start but are in need of funding to make this possible.

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