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Gospel Church Minlaton

Minlaton, South Australia

33-35 Main Street was a bar before it became a church. Can you help us make it more suitable for gospel ministry? In 2021, as a two-year-old church plant, the people of Gospel Church Minlaton made the bold move of buying their own premises in the centre of the main street of their town.

The building has been an incredible blessing, and by God’s providence it is now fully paid off. However, the layout is more suited to a bar than a church. With this in mind, in 2024 we had plans drawn up to renovate the building to make it suitable for the purpose of gospel ministry. We’re not doing this because we want a fancy building, we’ve survived three years in a place where the carpets are older and more worn than much of the congregation, (and this is our nicest place yet!). But we do long to see more people reached with the good news about Jesus in our area, and believe that this building renovation will enable just that.

There are many specifics to the job, but one key aspect is that this reno will increase our seating capacity by 50%. It will also create separate areas for a parents room, a small church office, a useable verandah area and a welcoming foyer space, as well as some storage space (we currently have exactly 0 square metres of storage. We measured). As such, a contribution to this project constitutes an investment in gospel ministry in one of Australia’s small and forgotten places.

Our preferred mode of giving is by direct transfer as this saves on transaction fees. If you'd like to do that, head to for details. 

Date Post
26/04/2024 Two weeks ago we received building plans for the changes we want to make to the building. Some of the details are still being ironed out but this is the first big step towards making this building into a suitable home for gospel ministry for years to come!