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The Lakes Church

Tuggerah, NSW

Great news! Thanks to your generosity, we've hit our original target of 480 chairs being purchased for our new building. We're so thankful to God!

After 18 years of meeting in a school building, The Lakes Church is finally moving in to our own building. We want this Ministry Centre to be a vibrant hub for ministry and outreach to our region. We expect to occupy the building in November this year. It is a really exciting time for us!
Our members have been extraordinarily generous in enabling this building project to take place. Now we need chairs to sit on!
Would you buy a chair to help us? Your gift will enable loads of people on the Central Coast to hear about Jesus and be encouraged to turn to him and grow in love for him.
Time Frame: 24th November

Goal: 480 - chairs. An initial funding for 101 chairs was raised by church members purchasing a chair for their dads for Father’s Day.

Note: each chair costs $40. So if you want to donate a single chair click on the “give now” link and select “other”.


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Name Amount Comment
Existing Chair Supporters - 101 people $4,040.00
Anonymous $40.00
Janine Piper $80.00
Terry Noble $120.00 Chairs x 3
Anonymous $80.00
Rosemary Gillham $40.00
Anonymous $40.00
Robert Fountain $100.00 Praying that the ministry of The Lakes church will shine like a beacon FOR JESUS on the Coast.
Fang Chen $500.00
Robert & Janette Taylor $100.00
Prue Dumbrell $100.00
Jeremy Crooks $240.00
Anonymous $40.00
Jan Roache $40.00
Frances Wrightson $40.00 Father's Day Chair for Maurice
New chair supporters $1,080.00 16 donors have helped raise support for 27 chairs offline!
Anonymous $80.00 A Chair each for Nick and Bree
Anonymous $160.00 Chair x 4
Anonymous $160.00 Chair x 4
Chris Ekins $40.00
Peter Benson $120.00 Peter, Jenny & Tia (Church Dog)
Scott Palmer $40.00
Anonymous $160.00
Anonymous $40.00
Andrew Glazebrook $600.00
Anonymous $120.00
Anonymous $200.00
21 New chair supporters $840.00
Anonymous $100.00
Samuel O'Shea $50.00
Anonymous $40.00
SIMON Totonjian $400.00
10 more chair supporters! $400.00
Jacqui Collins $160.00
Anonymous $40.00
Anonymous $100.00
Steve McIntyre $100.00
Anonymous $40.00
Jeremy Crooks $250.00
Ken Dunnett $4,000.00
Paul Rowe $1,000.00
Andrew Heard $250.00
Harry Wood $40.00
Anonymous $100.00 Pray the many will be saved and God glorified
Peter Peter D Prusak $80.00 I am so excited for you all as you move into the new location!
Cameron and Dianne Gawne $80.00
Nathan Adamson $40.00
Anonymous $480.00
New offline church supporters $4,400.00