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Laneway Church

Melbourne, Victoria

The Western suburb is home to many different cultures and ethnic groups. Although immigration into Australia has slowed down. The Western suburb of Melbourne continues to be home for many with different backgrounds. In this, second, third, fourth generation of Asian immigrants are the predominant residents. The hope of this project then, is to plant a church that is multicultural. But also, very aware of its target group of Asian-Australians in the Western suburbs of Melbourne.


In these two years, I (Quan) will be learning practical steps, with hands-on experience in how to plant a church that longs to see people saved by the precious Gospel of Christ. However, one church isn’t enough for an area that is growing rapidly. This project aims to also be readily available to plant more churches, to reach new people for Christ.


I invite you to financially partner with me on this journey. To see a church that reach people across different cultures, including Asian-Australians in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. That many will turn to Christ for salvation.

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