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My writing ministry goes to a church audience throughout Perth, Australia and internationally.  The aim is to help equip church leaders as they face the challenges of the culture, especially in the West.  I write on matters theological, cultural and pastoral and do so from the informed position of a local church planting pastor in one of the most secular cities in the world.  In the five years I have been writing my readership has increased exponentially and a variety or organisations, publications and other authors quote my work or reprint it.

My local church informs my writing in such a way and vice versa.  My aim is to ensure that those involved in ministry – and Christians in general – are better equipped and encouraged to live life for King Jesus in these changing times, and that they grow in their appreciation of the local church as the primary expression of God’s kingdom work on earth.

It also provides and provokes questions for Christians in their own settings, especially in the challenges they face to remain faithful to Jesus and the gospel once for all delivered to the saints, while offering suggestions as to how we navigate the waters we sail in.

How can you get involved and support Steve?

One of the aims of raising the support for my writing is to free up other church giving to establish a wider staff team that incorporates interns and other specific staff appointments.  The aim is to complement the giftings of the current staff, utilise my writing ministry in the wider church, and enable Midland to continue to grow.  We are keen to enable Midland to become a centre that trains people for ministry and from which we plant out another congregation.

With this in mind - we're seeking to raise $25,000 for the writing ministry so that further support goes to the wider staff team at Providence Midland. Can you help support the writing ministry so the gospel can continue to go out in Midland? 

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Jamie Blackwell $5.00 Go well Steve, great to support this!
Scott Sanders $100.00 real thankful to God for your writing. Always good to reflect on your writing.
Kevin Hayward $100.00
Mienli TEST Tang TEST $15.00
Glenn Wylde $500.00
Robbie Rhodes $200.00
Luke Isham $5.00
Jeremy Whaley $250.00
Anonymous $100.00
Direct Giving Support $3,000.00
Gary Smith $50.00
Dawn Burr $100.00
Anonymous $25.00
Anonymous $20.00
Gordon Cheng $100.00 Yay Steve!
Anonymous $50.00
Doug Walker $100.00
John Raston $100.00
Anonymous $1,000.00 Sorry for not supporting your blog. It’s not you. It’s me. I got scared. Like Facebook. Xoxoxo
Ryan Juniper $100.00 Sup
Brett Bylsma $500.00
Michael Franco $5.00
Michael Franco $6.00
David Binstead $250.00
Anonymous $100.00 Please keep on writing!!!