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Newlife Brisbane was planted three years ago in the heart of Brisbane City. What began as two handfuls of people has turned into a flourishing, diverse, and life-emanating community. Our mission now is what it was then: more people more like Jesus.

As a community, it has been our discernment that there is still so much more God wants to do in and through us in the city. Because of this, we have taken a step to secure space in Wesley House behind our church building. This space will, God-willing, not only facilitate what we currently do, but multiply our missional impact for the renewal of this city. Planting ourselves in Wesley House is our promise to the city that we’re here to stay.

As we move into Wesley House, we would love to make it a space for which our entire community can be proud. We want it to be a place of hospitality, ministry, learning, and—ultimately—discipleship. We want it to facilitate current ministries (like our Kids ministries and Alpha), while also making way for others (like preparing meals for the disadvantaged and creating a sacred space for prayer). See, we would love to buy a ping-pong table for our youth group, a coffee brewer for prayer meetings, offices for staff, and furniture for guests. The list goes on, but you get the point: we want to transform this space from a corporate office into a ministry hub and leaders’ headquarters. And, all this by the end of July!

So, to that end, we are inviting the people of Newlife to partner with God’s mission here in making this space incredible. How can you do that? Well, you can contribute financially to the purchasing of goods for the space. You can partner with us: “Buy a _____ for Newlife Brisbane.”

To donate, click the orange “Give Now” button at the top right of this website.

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Name Amount Comment
Anonymous $100.00 More people more like Jesus
Samuel Adamson $50.00
Anonymous $250.00
Simon Tye $100.00
Anonymous $250.00 For the multi-purpose space :)
Anonymous $1,000.00 Whatever is needed, particularly for the kids ministry
Billie Jo McCann $1,000.00 Alex, I admire your courage and perseverance in undertaking the challenge of planting this church and am just happy that I can help you in some way. Best of luck and blessings, Billie Jo
Ashton Kelly $250.00
Annette Demack $250.00
Anonymous $100.00
Melanie Forbes $250.00
Anonymous $100.00 Good wishes for the Project
Mariska Trindade $100.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $500.00 Thank you for all the effort in setting this up and for putting down roots in our city