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I’m in my third year of Moore Theological College, being trained for a lifetime of sharing Jesus to the glory of God. It’s a blessing and joy to be able to study God’s word and live in such a fantastic community. Thank you for considering parting with your finances to partner with me as I train for gospel ministry. Your support will enable me to look after myself in a sustainable way while at college and make the most of this valuable time of training and growth.

As a student minister, I’m part of a new MBM church plant in Parramatta. We are looking to reach the many people who call Parramatta home and those moving into the rapidly growing area. I’m focussed on developing intentional youth ministry at MBM Parramatta, aimed at seeing high-schoolers’ lives transformed through Jesus Christ to the glory of God.

I will also be coaching some MBM youth leaders, serving them by meeting up to encourage them and develop them as they disciple the high-schoolers in their care.

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