Lachlan’s MTS Metro Apprenticeship



received of $12,000




The work of spreading the Good News of Jesus is one of the most important tasks for every Christian, and there are so many ways to do this. One way to help spread the Gospel is by serving the church, and ministering to people – encouraging them, growing each other in our faith and working together to spread the Gospel. The MTS Metro Apprenticeship program seeks to do just that – to train young church leaders how to perform godly church ministry, and grow them in their character, conviction and competence to faithfully lead fellow brothers and sisters.

Over the next two years, I (Lachlan) look forward to serving the Orange Presbyterian Church as an MTS Metro apprentice, being trained by Angus Gibb. I will be heavily involved with running JPY (our youth group program), working with and coordinating a team of leaders to serve our youth on Fridays. I will also be learning about effective ways to do ministry here in Orange and cross-culturally, reading a wide range of books, talking with my trainer and of course, studying the Bible. Over the two years I hope to grow in my conviction as a Christian, my character as someone who fears God, and my competence in leading and serving others in ministry.

Please consider supporting me financially and through prayer to help me to do this work, and be able to devote enough time to it. I’m looking to raise a total of $12000 over two years, which comes out at $6000 per year. You could give a one-off donation, or possibly consider making a regular small donation over a few months or the two years.

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