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Wow much would you pay for 3,000 church planting resources?

The Geneva Push online resource library is an online repository of over 3,000 local church planting resources. These resources include live Q&A sessions with church thought leaders around the world, podcasts and video interviews with local church leaders, event recordings and tailor-made tutorials and content for churches in Australia. 


Each year, we provide this huge library for free, so that planters can grow.

We need your help to keep the online resource library free. Each year, we need to raise funds to continue this work. Can you support us? Any giving for the online resource library is tax-deductible.

In order to provide this service, there’s a direct cost in personnel and technology that Geneva currently absorbs. We want to continue to offer these free resources, but we need your support to help make that a reality.

With your financial partnership with us, you can help ensure that Christians across Australia and beyond can continue to deeply benefit from the online resource library.


We’re so thankful to God for the generous giving that has enabled us to provide this library. Will you help us to continue this year? Please consider a generous donation by clicking the orange GIVE button.

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